Tuesday, December 20, 2011

PEACE.. At last..

This is why I love travelling..

At a time when u got to account for every minute of time that u spend awake, travel-time is sumhow always discounted for..a timely and well deserved 'time-out' is how I see it..!

Travelling endows upon you the most precious thing in life - TIME, lemme complete - FOR YOURSELF..!

Time enuf, to stop n catch ur breath for a while..

Time enuf to pull out of the ratrace u'r in and be urself(albeit only for a while)..

Time enuf to sit back n put things in perspective..

Time enuf for two things I love the most..
Blogging and facebooking..:p

Sitting alone, in a crowd of unknown co- passengers, I wonder how easy it is to lose urself into ur own thoughts..(the same cant be said abt typing though..:-()

The steady motion also helps u to get rid of the stagnant inertia that has imprisoned ur life..without sounding overtly frustrated, i'd like to confess..I hate the painfully slow tempo of my life these days.. Its worse than those dull high scoring drawn test matches.. Not that I seek the big bash league types, but a Newlands or Wanderers test would do fine..or even a wankhede test match( despite the irony of its result!)
The sight of the street-lamps whizzing past u, even while the moon continues to accompany u ever so non-chalantly, brings into perspective certain things in ur life..seemingly suggesting that while most things in life are meant to come along n fade soon enuf(like the lamps), there are certain aspects of ur life that stay with u for a long long way(the moon)..
And that is perhaps, where u need to get ur priorities right..it is YOU who has to decide which is the 'moon' n what things u can let go..
As CB, so craftily puts it..
''Life is a Lemon- race..U cant win a race without balancing the lemon..''
The lemon, cumbersome that it is, despite slowing you down considerably , is still a quintessential part of ur success.. If u can comprehend what i'm hinting at, I bet u'll go a long way to make ur life happy for sure..though I cant assure u of success..but then, may be at times u might need to priortise.. Happiness vis-a-vis success..!!

Honestly, amidst the constant hum of the engine, the rev of the accel, the screetch of the brakes, I cant help but feel better inspite of myself..even the hiccups that the indian roads challenge u with( though considerably subdued by some excellent suspensions on the bus) tend to bouy my spirits.. Frank enough, this is the best I have felt for quite sometime now..oflate i have had this feeling of soulless stupor embroiled into a rigorously monotonous schedule - Study, STUDY, STUDY..!!!
It is not like I hate studying, but then too much of anything is bad..
Even chilling-out doesn sound so cool if u are to do it all the time..!!
Why then this new found dislike to studies..??
If i have to put my fingers on something then it'l be novembers end..
A disappointing outing at aiims, The news of an on-schedule all india exam and the horror of realising that I dont seem to remember even a word of what I'v read all thru the year..put in some of those 'personal' stuff, and i had a perfect recipe for a 'semi-depression'..

Little did i know then that travel is a handy antidote to it..:-)
Anyways, better late than never..:p

I know I have no reason to be cheerful about.. if anything I must be lamenting the time lost travelling..but this is ME we are speaking of..sumhow I never cease to amaze myself..!:p

Call me foolish if u must, but I've had this
'Mini-enlightenment' of sorts,( the bus being my bodhi-tree..) that a PG seat is not the ONLY thing in life..I know what i want from my life..

PG or not, happiness is what I seek..PEACE..!

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